14 Cylinder Pictures 



Front view of the 14 cylinder, showing the general arrangement of a double row radial engine. Two banks of 7 cylinders, arranged 180 deg. opposed, intake and exhaust pushrods, overhead valves, exposed rocker arms, spark plugs and the ignition harness. 





Rear view of the cylinders showing the engine rear casting, wire attachment, two distributors, intake and exhaust pipe attachment to the cylinder head, and the support stand.




The oil sump located behind cylinder # 8. Oil from the crankcase is scavenged from here and returned to the supply tank. The hex nut allows the oil to be drained from the engine. Also shown is the split intake pipe assembly and the packing nut at the crankcase.





Close up of the distributor cap.  Made from delrin, the brass contacts are epoxyed in place. 





Close up of the inside of the distributor cap.  Shown are the brass contacts, exposed during machining.  This arrangement is common to all the radial engines.  


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