18 Cylinder Pictures



Front view of the 18 cylinder showing the general arrangement of a double row radial engine.  Two banks of 9 cylinders, arranged 180 deg. opposed, intake and exhaust pushrods, overhead valves, enclosed rocker arms, spark plugs, and ignition harness.  




Rear view of the cylinders showing the engine rear casting, wire attachment, two distributors, intake and exhaust pipe attachment to the cylinder head and the intake pipe attachment and the  support stand. 






Close up of the engine with ignition wire harness, distributors, intake & exhaust pipes and carburetor. 




View of oil transfer pipe.  Oil from the supply tank to the pressure pump and oil from the engine scavenge pump is returned by these 90 deg fittings located behind two of the front cylinders. Also shown are the tear drop shaped enclosed rocker arm enclosures. 




The cylinder blow-by is vented from the crankcase by a hole in the crankshaft and through the prop nut. This location prevents oil escaping from the engine. This arrangement is common to all of the engines 






Close up of the cylinder fins, valve towers, enclosed rocker boxes, pushrods, cylinder skirt bolts, spark plug and the ignition wire. 




The sight glass assembly controls  the flow of oil from the supply tank and provides a visual reference that the engine is being supplied with oil. This arrangement is common to all of the engines. 


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