Ageless Radial Engines

Field Service Note  # 2 



     Many years ago the engine was equipped with mechanical points that operated in conjunction with a motorcycle ignition coil. 

     The mechanical points option continues to be shown in the engine plans but are not recommended.  The newly designed electronic units have no mechanical points that can float open at high RPM, they do not put a strain on the drive system, and have no cam rotor follower that can wear. 

     The most recent ignition system development is the CDI or Capacitive Discharge Ignition. This design uses a Hall effect sensor that is activated by magnets attached to the distributor rotor. The signal from the Hall effect sensor operates the CDI electronics and provides the high voltage from a coil included with the circuitry. 

     The advantage is the CDI unit is that it is insensitive to dwell angle. Therefore, any size magnet will work. In addition, it provides a higher current spark to the plug. This is especially important in the lower cylinders where oil accumulation can occur.  Another benefit is the ignition system can remain " ON " when the engine is not running without fear of overheating the electronic components. 

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