Ageless Radial Engines

Field Service Note  # 4 

Sources for Piston Ring Cast Iron 


     For many years Coles Power Models was located in Ventura California.  Coles provided all types of the engineering supplies used by model makers. 

     The material recommended for making the piston rings was known only as " fine grain cast iron ".   

     In 2007 Coles was sold to :  

                    Steve Roberts 

                   Coles Power Models 

                   P.O. Box  623

                   Warren Texas   77664

                   ( 409 ) 547 - 3400   CST

         Web Site :

     The " fine grain cast iron "  is still available.  Be very sure you DO NOT ORDER - Ductile iron. 

     The prosperities of ductile iron will not provide the necessary spring tension needed to hold the piston rings against the cylinder wall.  


     The piston ring cast iron can also be purchased from 

           Mc Master - Carr 

          P.O. Box  4355

          Chicago  Illinois  60680 

          630 - 833 - 0300   CST 

           Their grade is sold as " G-2 "  


     In the United Kingdom a similar material is GA 300 This can be purchased from

                   Arrow Butler Castings LTD. 

                   Station Road  


                   Derbyshire  S41 - 9ES 

                   +44 ( 0 ) 1246 450027