Ageless Radial Engines

Field Service Note  # 5 

Material Specification Equivalents 


     The plans are available to model engine builders worldwide.  On occasion this has raised questions about the what are the equivalent material specifications that are available in other countries. The following conversions will be helpful. 


     All of the aluminum parts, with the exception of the piston,  are made from an American grade known as 6061, with a temper of T6. 

     In the United Kingdom, this is known as 6082-T6  or  HE30    


     The pistons are made from 2024 aluminum, a material with increased heat resistance. 

     In the United Kingdom, this is known as HE 15  or  2014 



     Because of the fining operations, the cylinders are made from an  American grade of leaded steel 12L14. The small amount of lead provides much improved machinability. The lead alloy does not impair the wear resistance of the cylinder. 

     In the United Kingdom,  this is known as leadloy or EN1APB or 

230MO7  leaded steel 



     303 stainless steel  is also known in the UK as 303-S31 

     4140 carbon steel is also known in the UK as EN19 or 708A40 



     The two main bearings for the crankshaft are made from a material known in the US as SAE 660 bearing bronze.  In addition to the crankshaft, the front main bearing supports the cam as well as the providing support for the gearing jackshaft.

     The rear main bearing also supports the crankshaft as well as the gear oil pump and the various gear shafts. 

     In the United Kingdom, this material is also known as SAE 660 bearing bronze.