Over the years I have received many comments from builders that have finished the engine, these are a few.


From Bob  

       After two and a half years I have a beautifully running ( Bentley rotary ) engine. This has been a very challenging project, but I have enjoyed every minute even when I was frustrated. Your drawings and support are unsurpassed. I now have to start looking for my next project. 

From Geoff      

      Well the day has arrived that the engine was completed. Started March last year, and had it's first running. It's been a fantastic day to have the engine fire up so easily, simply put some fuel into engine and just hand flip the prop to have it come to life.
        Its a first class engine, unbelievable sound and throttle response. Every run the oil bypass is getting less and engine sounds better, more crisp exhaust note and that's only after about 30 minutes run time. Have not taken past about 1/4 throttle and it's positively scary how the engine wants to rev.

From Graham

       I was able to get the 9-cylinder radial running for the first time. Thanks for the support and answering the questions I had over that period, its truly a great design and I've learned so much during the build process.

From Ian

        I machined the rear crankcase casting. Excellent casting, you have located a really good foundry. I have experienced some very poor castings from previous projects, but yours are 1st class.

From Michael

      I have not yet started building but I can say they are great plans with great explanations, step by step. They have even helped me with other projects. I would definitely buy them, they are well worth the cost. Also, Lee is a very nice person. He has taken the time to answer my questions, even the silly beginner ones.

From Nick

      Watch this 9 Cylinder running

From Heller

      Watch this 18 Cylinder running




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