Bentley BR-2 Rotary Engine Plans


Because occasionally someone will ask: 

The engine is totally unsuitable for a hang glider ! 



Cost of shipping the Plans in the USA & CANADA - $ 20 USD 

Cost of shipping the Plans OVERSEAS - $ 55 USD 

The BR-2 Bentley Rotary 

  BR-2 Bentley Rotary
Displacement 50.15 cu. in.
Diameter 16.5 in.
Cost of Plans $125 + Shipping USD
There is no casting necessary, all parts are made from bar stock

Two plugs per cylinder,  Constant loss pressurized oil system

The plans include a lot more than drawings !

      Also included are :

  •      Drawings for tools and fixtures 

  •      Purchased gear list 

  •      Recommended suppliers for material and auxiliary parts 

  •      A parts list with recommended materials

  •      X-Y coordinate hole drilling schedules 

  •      Detail assembly drawings

  •      Machining operation sheets for more difficult parts

  •      Ignition drawing

  •      Assembly and timing instructions.

  •      Mounting stand and cooling club drawings

  •      A color photo of the finished engine


For more information write, email, or call in the evenings:

Lee Hodgson
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

US Area Code: ( 513 ) 791-3098

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