Bentley BR-2 Rotary Pictures




Bentley BR-2 front view showing the general arrangement of the cylinders, cylinder head tie bolts, intake pipes, valve rocker assemblies, adjustable pushrods and integral propeller hub.





Rear view showing the intake pipes, nut securing the engine crankshaft taper to the engine frame, support stand, fuel/air control valve and backfire prevention pipes. 




Rear close-up of cylinders showing the cylinder attachment to the crankcase, Intake pipe attachment to the cylinder head, exhaust passage, rocker arms and support, spark plug location and ignition wire harness. 






Close-up of the intake and exhaust rocker assemblies, the fabricated intake pipe housing and the cooling fins on the cylinder cuff and head. 





Close-up of the intake and exhaust rockers, valve springs and keepers and tie rod attachment through the cylinder heads.


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