CAD Plan Downloads

     Advances in computer technology makes it possible to reverse engineer the plans and offer them as a free down load from the internet.   


     Please be aware that down loaded plans do NOT contain :

     1. - The material list

     2. - Tool and fixture drawings

     3. -  X-Y coordinate list for the bolt circles

      4. - The purchase tool list

      5. - The list of suppliers

      6. - Step by step operation sheets for major parts.

      7. - The oil and electrical schematics 

      8. - The assembly instructions

      9. - Rear cover casting for sale 


       I keep a complete list of who has purchased the plans. If you purchased plans from either my father or myself, I will do everything I can to help you build the engine.

      However, if you are trying to build the engine using downloaded internet CAD plans, I will NOT help you. 

       I am sure you understand,  I cannot compete against pirated free plans available on the internet.              


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