If You Have Plans Purchased Previously


     From my own experience in building the engines and as a result of conversations with builders, improvements to the plans are sometimes necessary. 

     If you have questions, I am always available to discuss them with you. Do not be concerned that you are intruding. I am anxious to hear your suggestions and will share them with others through improved plans. Over the years, the plans have improved because builders have shared their ideas. These comments have helped make the plans stronger and better. 

     If improvements to the drawings are necessary, they are made immediately to all the plans currently in stock. The plans you receive are the most up-to-date available. Occasionally, pages are added or revised without changing the page numbering of the entire set. This is not an error, it allows me to keep the cost of the plans as low as possible. 


     If you have plans :

  - Purchased Prior to 1996 

     If your plans were purchased from my father in Dallas, Texas and you are now truly interested in pursuing construction, contact me before you start machining parts. 

     There have been such extensive changes and improvements that I would not recommend building the engine according to these outdated plans.

     Write, e-mail or call about your specific situation. 


 - Plans Purchased between 1996 and 2007

     Some changes are minor, such as different suppliers or revised Operation Sheets. In 2007, the plans were improved to include an improved cam design, the addition of a rear seal and impeller as well as adding electronic ignition. 

     Write, e-mail or call about your specific situation. 

     Improvement upgrade packages are available for a nominal $15 cost that offsets printing and postage. Write, e-mail or call about the supplement improvement sheets. 


For more information write, email, or call in the evenings:

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