Legal Disclaimer 


     The seller is not responsible for the accuracy of the plans, drawings or technical data ( hereinafter " data " ), or information contained in these plans and the builder makes use of such at his own risk.

     Notice is hereby given that any statements made or information contained herein shall not create any warranty, expressed or implied, nor that the various devices, plans, drawings, mechanical systems or data shall be fit, or useful, for any particular purpose. Statements are informational only and not made or given as a warranty of the data in any way.  

     The builder shall be solely responsible for determining the accuracy and adequacy of the data for any and all uses to which the builder shall apply the data.

     Furthermore, your use of the material from these plans shall constitute your recognition and agreement that operating machine tools in any manner whatsoever, or the engines or any other machinery built from the data, exposes you or those around you, to injury and even life threatening events.   

     These plans do not undertake to instruct you in shop safety procedures and the responsibility for learning and observing proper safety procedures is your responsibility.

     Purchase of the plans constitutes an agreement that the plans are intended for the builder's own personal use and shall not be used for commercial development including production in mass quantity.  

     Notice is hereby given that the engines shown in these plans are not intended to power any type of aircraft, doing so exposes you and others to injury and even life threatening events. Legal responsibility is solely that of the operator. 

     The builder shall be solely responsible for use of the material from these plans. Use of the plans shall constitute the builder's recognition and agreement that the builder accepts complete responsibility for operating the engines built from the data. 

     The plans may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission. However, builders may make a shop copy for construction use.


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