The Radial Engine Project  

There is simply not a more complete set of plans available. 




All of the radials are air cooled, 4 cycle, with overhead valves and spark ignition. 

The engines have an oil pressure pump and scavenge pump. They are direct 

drive and naturally aspirated.




This fine set of plans includes everything needed to build a running engine, using

            just a lathe and milling machine. 



The plans include : 


                - A complete parts list, material list and purchase part list for the gears, spark plugs, etc.


                - Information on the spark ignition system designed specifically for these engines 


                - Information on carburetors.


                - Drawings for all the fixtures, as well as coordinate sheets for all the drill circles. 


                - Full engine cross sections.


                    - Each part is CAD drawn on a separate sheet.  No crowded, poor quality drawings. 

                            Each page on heavy paper stock for shop use.  


                    - What makes these plans so complete - a step by step OPERATIONS SHEET for

                            each major part.  These sheets are unique in the model engine hobby. 

                            They give you the insight of more then 70 years of experience building

                            these engines ! 



Sample Operations Sheet


                - Drawing for the oil \ fuel supply tank and the piping drawings.  


                - Drawing of the engine mount and display base. 


                - Details of the ignition wiring harness.  


                - Finally, 5 pages of instructions on engine assembly.  

                        How to time the valves, and time the ignition.  

                        Trouble shooting tips a full break-in procedure.  




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