Steamboat Engine Specifications

Courtesy of Kurt Spitzer web site 

            Two high pressure, simple expansion cylinders   

Some have wondered why there is a set of plans for a Mississippi river steamboat engine on the  same web site as radial engines. 

The reason is that In 1984, my father vacationed on the Delta Queen steamboat and became fascinated by the California cutoff valve gear. All of the detail pictures he took, did not come out. 

Working from memory, and from the text of an International Correspondence School textbook, he was able to build a model of a similar engine.  

It is an unusual engine and the only model of its type available to the model engine hobby. 

The original engines are horizontal cross compound with a HP Cylinder of 26"diameter, the LP Cylinder is 52" diameter, the stroke is 10 feet. The engines are rated at 2000 horsepower at 13 RPM. 


                                       Model size 

                                                22 inch wide 

                                                38.25 inch long 

                                                14.0 inch high 



                                               Bore - .875 inch 

                                               Stroke - 5.125 inch 


                                       Paddlewheel Size 

                                               13.5 inch diameter 

                                               12.0 wide 

                                               12 blades 

                                               1 casting - 5 required 

                                      Valve Gear 

                                               California Cutoff Valve gear    


                                              Includes reverse linkage 


                                         Pitman Arm 

                                               Oak with Brass fittings

                                               Length  -  19.125


                                          Machinery required :

                                               Lathe with 9'' diameter swing with 3 & 4 jaw chucks 

                                               Bridgeport milling machine or equivalent



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