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     My father started the shop in 1935. His first machine tool was a 9-inch South Bend, purchased directly from the factory for $119, ( $ 2160 today ) including motor, chuck and tool bits. All for $8 dollars a month, financed by the factory at no interest ! 

     His desire to build his 9-cylinder radial was the primary justification for purchasing such an expensive piece of equipment. 

     Over the years, additional tools have come and gone, but the shop is now a little better equipped than in 1935. 

     Frequently at model shows other builders comment on the workmanship of the engines and often assume I have the latest computer operated equipment.   

     This is NOT the case. 

     The beauty and workmanship of these engines come from the tools and fixtures designed for the production of the various parts. The engines are only a reflection of the thought and design work that went into the tooling. Without the tools, the timely machining of the multiple parts would not be possible. 

     All of the tools and fixtures are included in the plans. The operation sheets explain how to use the tools. 

     The same fixtures that built my father's engine in 1936 are still in use today. 


  My fathers original

    9" South Bend









  13" LeBlond

Bridgeport Mill   


     There is nothing wrong with modern equipment, but if I can build the engines on this equipment, then I am sure that builders in remote areas can also start the project knowing that it can be completed without exotic equipment. 


     If you are visiting Cincinnati, and would like to stop by and see the shop and engines, I would be happy to meet with you.  Call ahead to set up a time.   


 Lee Hodgson

 7895 Mitchell Farm

 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242



 E-mail ageless@infionline.net
 US Area Code & Phone : ( 513 ) 791-3098

( EST or GMT less 5 hours ) 


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